Corporate Responsibility Report

For Seasoned Venues Ltd, the team behind CoventryConferences, food is a way of life.

Our food touches the lives of many who grow, make, serve and eat it.

The joy of food still has the power to bring cultures, communities, customers and colleagues together; so we take our responsibilities very seriously.

Our business has a strong impact and dependency on the economy, the environment and society as a whole.  We depend upon natural, human and physical resources and our business is constantly evolving and adpating to give our clients, cutomers and partners what they want to eat whilst ensuring our supply chain is both of the highest quality and sustainable.  We rely on raw materials (animal welfare), the environment (energy, water and waste) and social conditions (labour market) to deliver our services on a daily basis, so it is essential that we are both responsible and ethical.

Our sustainable approach to catering is built around our people and thanks to the commitment and engagement of our teams, suppliers and partners, we are able to honour our values and make promises that are delivered whilst gaining trust and respect.

I hope this report demonstrates our ability to innovate and tackle challenges and that by continually engaging with our people and working together with our partners, it is possible to make a difference.

Seasoned Venues Ltd

Corporate Responsibility Report

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