The Simulation Centre

The Simulation Centre is a leading-edge, unique, purpose-built training facility located in the centre of Coventry. Utilising digital technology, the centre is used to create fully immersive, real-time changeable, virtual training environments. 

Integrating the facility and the simulation centre’s experiential learning approach, enables the creation of a safe learning space to develop, practice and explore. For us simulation means that a person, or team, is in a real physical space that replicates a realistic work environment - dealing with a relevant situation that includes live interactions with real people.  The situation could be an existing or new business need, a dangerous situation or an unknown location.

This experiential learning, without impacting on your organisations financial status, safety or customer perception is reinforced through feedback, sharing knowledge and mentoring.
At the simulation centre you can develop, practice and explore, in a realistic virtual environment that will help you improve and enhance a variety of skills and behaviours.

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