What Is The Ideal Destination When Choosing Where To Hold Your Meeting or Conference?

There is always a debate when planning that all-important meeting or conference.  Should one hold it in a city centre location, close to public transport links and added value of being in the thick of it or should one go for an out-of-town location enjoying the excellent motorway links?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Each option will bring its own benefits and solutions.

City Centre.

There is a lot to be said for a city centre location.

As we have already mentioned, this can help with getting there. Public transport will allow those delegates that may not have a car or not wish to drive for work, to get to the event speedily, (avoiding traffic and congestion), and bring the potential added benefit of working en route as well.

Most train lines now offer Wi-Fi and in a lot of cases it’s free! Also, we all know that phone connection is generally dreadful on train journeys, thus allowing a phone-free zone and the ability to crack on with the task in hand.

It has been proven that ‘quiet time’ away from colleagues and telephone calls offers a positive environment to be productive.  Therefore, if you opt for public transports you have a great chance of arriving at your destination refreshed, feeling on top of any outstanding tasks and even catch up on those boring or challenging things we all shuffle to the bottom of that imaginary pile!

The downside could be that you don’t get a seat, or if it is half term and other school holidays you may be faced with over a hundred children overexcited about their day trip out, and in that excitement are making a terrific din.

Even with the most central conference centre there is still usually a walk of some kind to get to where you need to be. This is fine if it is just a day conference or meeting, but if it is something that will be held over a couple of days, there is luggage to consider. 

As the organiser, one potential downfall of a city centre location is that delegates can easily slip out when attending a conference over a few days. This might be to inspect the locale or to inspect the night life, making them mysteriously tired for the next day’s meeting and attention being a little impaired J.

Another consideration is once you arrive at the destination, can you park?? So often now one has to pay to park and even the busiest conference centres don’t have car parking to accommodate all its delegates.

Out of Town.

Where there is a positive and a pro, one can always then discover a negative or downside.

Although we all spend a lot of times complaining about the motorways and traffic, generally road links are far more sophisticated and reliable than they used to be. Also, with the wonder that is satnav, we need never be lost again; it is so much simpler to find that final destination which makes long distance journeys far less daunting for the traveller.

Quite often one cannot make a direct route when using public transport, having to make several changes or detours to get to where the final destination is. When driving, no changes or diverts are required and so this can save time and allow flexibility on leaving and when you finally can get yourself home at the end of a long day.

Also when driving it is much easier to pack whatever you like and feel you might need for the duration of your stay.

The debate of the pros and cons could go on forever. Where there is a positive, there would be a negative to match. The ideal solution would be to find a conference centre that is city centre, but have fantastic road links and ample free car parking.  They are few and far between, but they are out there.

CoventryConferences is one such venue. Based in Coventry city centre with only a short walk from the train station, it is an easy distance plus easy to find for those travelling on public transport. Being in Coventry it is centrally located for those both from the north and south, and has excellent motorway networks. Thankfully the venue also has plenty of free car parking on site.

The main focus once the debate of in the city or not is complete, has to be that the chosen venue can ensure all amenities and services are available that are required to guarantee a successful meeting or conference.

With its bright and purpose-built meeting rooms, equipped with all the technology required and excellent award-winning catering, CoventryConferences never disappoints.

What Is The Ideal Destination When Choosing Where To Hold Your Meeting or Conference?

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