AV In Conferencing

Does a picture paint a thousand words?

In today's fast-paced world, so many meetings and events have become "virtual". To hold meetings online with Skype or other videoing services has been easier on our busy diaries and more cost effective for the business, however, nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction and the benefits brought by being in the same room as those you are having discussions with.

It has been proven that we are more inclined to absorb information if it is given in a face-to-face situation. More fresh ideas are generated also when one is away from the usual office environment with all the distractions that brings. So a big question for any event organiser nowadays is how best to make the most of this face-to-face live gathering of minds to progress the business and information share?

No pressure there then!

So much time is taken on creating meeting agendas and structure for imparting information, knowledge and updates.  Various speakers have to communicate their message succinctly and clearly and the best way to make this happen is through the use of audio visual aid and equipment.

This can take various forms. The most simple is that screen for any presentation.

Equipment has come a long way from the traditional screen that relayed the information. Nowadays one can have touch-screen, multi-screen showing various aspects of the message with size coming in larger than any cinema screen. The choice is yours and most AV specialist companies will direct you to the right product to suit your purpose.

Audio – our expectation is much higher than it was, say 20 years ago, and so we expect crystal clear audio messaging to suit that crisp large image on our screens. Again, this can be advised so that you are meeting the technical needs required.

Interaction is crucial in any large conference. As the presenter you would want to easily identify who is trying to engage and how to quickly embrace their comment into the mix. Again, this is where the right AV tool can help. Both with press button engagement and roaming mic tools, you can be assured of a stress-free debate (from the technical viewpoint at least), and focus on the task in hand.

International conferencing is perceived as glamorous; just imagine a chance to visit Paris or Rome without the personal expense? Even though this is a treat, imagine not keeping up with the programme? We shouldn’t assume the message is imparted in our mother tongue. Once again the right AV tool will come to your rescue. Spontaneous translation will ensure every delegate is able to understand what is being discussed and contribute to the debate easily.

The list is endless and there is a tool or a  piece of equipment out there to make sure we are heard, understood, engaged, and seeing the full picture.

Great, so we know what is available in the main, but when you are faced with the task of making that happen and don’t happen to be a technical wizard, how does that work? How do we ensure we don’t fall on our face and loose our connectivity vision? Well, we rely on the experts!

Most conference centres and events have either an in-house AV specialist of a third party that works with them. They will not only make sure you choose the right tools to begin with but will be on hand to deliver in that expertise and knowledge.

An even better solution is when a venue has their own in-house AV provider, who are always on site and totally familiar with the kit but also the intricacies of the venue and how it works too. This way you are protected in the knowledge that even if there is a hiccup in the proceedings, you have the event professional on-hand to immediately come to your rescue. This not only acts as a safety measure for the organiser but also your guest speakers. Many a time I have been totally prepared and expert in my presentation and content, but having panic sensations inside should the AV let my very limited knowledge down and I can’t get the machine to work! How reassuring for us mortals to know that a knight in shining armour will come rushing to our rescue and make it all work again (I would personally prefer that they make it look just a little more complicated to save my blushes!)

CoventryConferences is one such conference venue that accommodates its own AV specialist team. Based on site within the sales structure, clients can be assured from that first enquiry for the perfect conference suite, they will be given the best advice to suit a client’s budget, needs and expectations. No question is too silly and they make sure that every concern you might have is answered so that you are reassured of reliability and efficiency.

When a team is on site, like CoventryConference’s venue, clients can also add to their initial list of requirements. We all have been in the situation when a speaker arrives with a preference that we just didn’t consider or were pre-advised of.

So in conclusion, even in this busy world of technology meaning that we can do almost everything remotely, technology in the form of Audio Visual can also mean that we can make the most impact and get the best results from a face-to-face situation and that presentation will leave a lasting impression but for the right reasons!!

AV In Conferencing

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